B2B Marketers Agree LinkedIn Best for Social Media

LinkedIn is great for B2B marketingWhen it comes to finding new business prospects for B2B marketers, LinkedIn works best for a variety of reasons. First, that LinkedIn users have more money and more power in the company structure on average than Facebook users.  Second, that LinkedIn users aren’t there to play games or for casual socializing.  They are usually there specifically for the purpose of making business contacts.  That already shifts the conversation in the favor of making sales possible, because networking isn’t seen as an unwanted intrusion but as the main purpose.

Here are the main reasons B2B Marketers favor LinkedIn over other social media platforms:

1. Easy Access to Decision Makers

42% of LinkedIn Users hold the title of CXO, VP, Director, or Manager. This doesn’t include the number of small business owner/operators on LinkedIn. While premium status on LinkedIn does cost a subscription fee, it’s much cheaper than a month of advertising on Facebook with a lot higher odds of success.

2. Relevance

LinkedIn makes it increasingly easy to find the specific candidates for a potential sales contact by allowing you to sort users by expertise, by industry, and by company size. Compare this process to Facebook, where you work to make an ad or an offer good enough that people will actually like it and then hope to somehow find a way to capitalize on that “like” and turn it into a sales somewhere down the line.

3. Results

65% of B2B marketers say they obtained a customer through LinkedIn, and only 43% of B2B marketers said they had obtained a customer through Facebook.  Those who aren’t already on LinkedIn should take a good look at joining now.

4. Market Research Quick and Easy

The larger the corporation, the harder it can be to find the contact information for the executives and other decision makers in the business structure.  LinkedIn makes that task MUCH easier, especially if you subscribe to the premium or executive services which allow you to contact people outside of your network.

5. Advertise Directly to the Big Guys

If you don’t feel like spending the hours to research a database or try to track down contact information to maybe generate a sale, there’s always direct advertising. Using LinkedIn’s Direct Advertising means putting your ad in front of those executives and decision makers most likely to buy your product or need your service.  Plus, LinkedIn’s PPC ad service is relatively new meaning there’s less competition than with Google’s PPC advertising.

The long and the short of it is, LinkedIn makes it easy for B2B marketers to find qualified leads that want their products or services.  What’s your experience with LinkedIn?

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