Google AdWords is now offering Location Extentions, here’s how to transfer from Google Local Business Center Ads

Google AdWords is now offering Location Extentions here is how to transfer from Local Business Center PPC Ads.

Google has further improved ability to target ads. Great for small and medium-sized location based businesses who want to target ads on both PC and mobile smartphone internet browsers.  Here are some of the advantages of transfering your localized ads from LBC to Location Extentions.  (this is better targeting than Phone Book Directory Distribution isn’t it?)

  • allow you to show an address with your text ads.
  • same ad can be used for multiple locations.
  • no longer required to only use your name as the headline, which was a restriction on LBC ads.
  • no longer have to wait for LBC ads to appear before connecting Adwords to a location based LBC ad. so your ads get launched faster!
  • previous ads on LBC only appeared based on radius, location extentions appear based on relevency and results.

You can transfer your ads over in just 5 easy steps. Watch this video to learn more about Google Location Extentions in AdWords.Here is a video from Google on how to transfer from LBL ads.

Did you know that Google tracks the IP (Internet Protocol) address as well as geo-location and history of searchers to determine how to offer search results? They began to offer localized results to this extreme in late 2009!

Here is an example or screenshot of a Google AdWords Location Extention settings page:

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  1. mike says:

    Updated this post with a screen shot or example of the settings page for Google AdWords Location Ad Extensions. Thanks to Dallas Criminal Attorney Heath Hyde

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